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Wood and resin decoration art , Gift for every occasion , Home Décor , Personalize , Regalo, Art,

Wood and resin decoration art , Gift for every occasion , Home Décor , Personalize , Regalo, Art,

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Personalized Art Décor made of Maple and or other hardwood or exotic woods, handmade filled with high quality and colorful epoxy resins , Proudly Made in the USA.

Each individual Décor Art Piece is 9.25 inches/23.5 cm square and 0.25 inches/6 mm thick

Welcome to the world of Origin Wood Boutique , submerge Yourself in a realm of wonder and creativity where simplicity meet elegance, enjoy your time, while you shop our always growing exclusive collections of artistic items ,suitable for all gift occasions, or indulge your own home with a variety of simple but yet mesmerizing designs that will set your home , office or business apart from any other. Or allow your imagination to go even further and take advantage of our custom made options ,where for an additional cost you can let us materialized your dreams and desires ,whether it is a particular image , a photo ,your family's name or even your favorite pet, we will do every effort to portray your idea into a beautiful piece.

We are completely confident on your satisfaction , tailor your order as you feel is adequate and convenient to your needs , every art piece includes a nicely crafted wood easel to serve as an standing art décor but it could be use as a wall hang decoration , adding a beautiful and elegant touch to any home or office space.
Every piece has the option to be personalized with your own message to add even more special and unique value in every occasion.

As yo can see , in the world of Origin Wood Boutique , the costumer is set for a full V.I.P experience and we are here to serve you.

Don't wait any longer , shop with confidence and enjoy not just your new beautifully crafted item , but also your stress free experience.

Origin Wood Boutique is Proudly base in The USA ,all of our products and materials are manufactured here , Founded in Long Island New York , Origin Wood Boutique has come to exist as the result of hard work and passion, every design is the reflection of our family's love and unity, we humbly inspired our designs in the magnificent of the whole creation , but pride in the quality of our craftmanship and devotion to service , We only hope to get inside your life as we are confident ones in we are in to stay ,and we will treasure you as a recurrent costumer.

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